January 28, 2010

Kill Mommy Re-issuing Morning Sun

A collection of older songs I put together back in 2005 has been revived with help from the free download net label Kill Mommy Records. Based in Italy, Kill Mommy Records is the new online home for 'Like The Morning Sun Does'. Now people will be able to hear the songs "til the end of time". Or atleast my time. Hopefully. Who cares, trip the fuck out. Am I right? Of course I am. I will also be making a homemade CD-R version available for purchase. The release is happening Feb 7th.

I am still trying to find the funds to record my magnum opus, 'Travel To All The Lovely Fields'. It will be a grand production so I want to make sure I get it right. These kind of songs and in the right sequence, do not come around often. In the meantime I plan on making one more home-recorded album for old time sakes. Probably an EP.

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