August 24, 2011

Stereo Moon at The Atria Tonight!

Via Facebook; Bruce Ofthe MackinnonClan, musical JackOfAllTrades (Master of All), hosts a night at The Atria in Oshawa every Wednesday:

"This week we shall have a nice mix of blues and psychedelia. Joining me i have the lovely Jessie Houston hosting the evening with me filling the night with the light sounds of Mellowkotzen and a nice dose of blues.Also, a special performance by Stereo Moon shall occur adding a healthy dose of pleasant psychedelic pop. Come on down to the ol` Atria! Pitchers of Canadian are 10 dollars!"

Tonight Bruce and I will try to work out the kinks of some new songs for the Stereo Moon happening at The RMG September 2nd for their First Fridays event.

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